Derrick Hollie: Guilty as Charged (Another DeSmogBlog air ball)

Energy is the lifeblood our society. It doesn’t just fuel our cars and power our homes, but it connects us to one another and makes our lives healthier, safer, and more fulfilling. However, recent policies are leading to rising energy costs – and African Americans are disproportionately hurt. Low income families pay a greater share of their income on utilities in some cases as much as 35%.”

 – Derrick Hollie, Reaching America. Quoted in DeSmogBlog,Derrick Hollie.” (February 2019)

“DeSmogBlog believes that by simply tying a person to fossil fuels makes him or her suspect. That might work with its donors and Green New Deal base, but to most Americans, Derrick Hollie is guilty as charged–and a scholar and Great American to boot.” (below)

DeSmogBlog is a Left-funded website intended to expose proponents of consumer-chosen, taxpayer-neutral, dense, reliable energies. DeSmog defines its mission as “clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science.”

In fact, a lot of us profiled by DeSmog are pretty happy with our “exposes” (see mine and that of John Christy, for example).

Enter Derrick Hollie, a perfectly fine and articulate man representing a constituency that is particularly vulnerable to artificially high energy prices (as in priced carbon dioxide). ‘God bless’ would seem appropriate, but DeSmogBlog rates Mr. Hollie guilty of crimes against the global-warming narrative.

DeSmogBlog’s “expose” on Mr. Hollie begins: 

Derrick Hollie is the founder of Reaching America, a 501(C)(4) organization that uses “grass root efforts, social media, traditional media and PR” to advocate for reduced regulation on the fossil fuel industry as well as “other issues affecting African Americans in our country today.”

DeSmog then quotes from Reaching America’s (perfectly logical) “Energy & Energy Poverty” primer: