B.C. government putting alternative energy sector on ice

‘That will have to change if B.C. is to pursue its CleanBC plans,’ says head of Clean Energy B.C.

Randy Shore

Updated: February 14, 2019

The wheels are coming off and Big Green isn’t happy~ctm

From The Vancouver Sun

Dozens of solar, wind and run-of-river power projects have been indefinitely suspended by the provincial government in an effort to manage the cost of electricity from independent power producers.

“That will have to change if B.C. is to pursue its CleanBC plans,” said Jae Mather, executive director of Clean Energy B.C. By turning its back on alternative energy, B.C. is missing the opportunity to make electricity cheaper for consumers, he added.


“The price of wind and solar is the lowest of any form of electricity generated on the planet right now,” he said in an interview.

The provincial government’s CleanBC plan calls for a massive program of electrification of homes, industry and transportation with aggressive greenhouse-gas reduction targets set for 2030.

By 2040, every car sold in B.C. is to be zero emission, while every home is to be net-zero energy ready by 2032.

“We will need more renewable energy if we are going to meet those goals for electrification,” said Mather. “Electrifying industries like liquid natural gas could require the power of two Site C dams.”

A second phase of CleanBC with even deeper reduction targets is expected to roll out this year and next.

Also, or probably due to.

Adding to the gloom, a report released Wednesday found that B.C. Hydro is overpaying for power in contracts it has already signed with independent power producers. As a result, customers are paying $200 a year more than they should be, the report said.

Read the full story here.

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February 15, 2019 at 08:04AM

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