Climate Action World War III++?

User Peter L writes:

Some groups taking “climate action” into their own hands, be they activists or governments, could lead to a war and potentially a world war as others attempt to use violence to stop their “climate action”. One can easily imagine scenarios where this grows out of control quickly.

From MIT Technology Review

This alarmingly simple hack could let anyone tinker with the climate

The possibility poses troubling new questions about the ability to regulate the technology.

The scenario would go something like this.

It’s the year 2051. A decade of drought, crop failure, and famine has killed millions across East Africa, sparking violent clashes over food and water. Similar scenes of death and devastation are playing out in other parts of the globe.

In response, an environmental group, or maybe a humanitarian one, or perhaps just some individual with a huge social-media following, calls for a radical response: every citizen should launch high-altitude balloons into the sky, each carrying a small payload of particles that could reflect heat back into space.

Peter L adds.

At what point do groups doomsday “climate actions” become a threat to the welfare of millions or billions of other people? Being climate doomsday belief driven as many demonstrate can lead them to take drastic and irreversible actions.

The sum of all their fears drive people to act irrationally when they believe the doomsday propaganda be it from Harold Camping, Al Gore, Michael Mann, and the other prognosticators of doom. It’s definitely reached a fever pitch of late with no signs of slowing down, a reaction in many ways to the climate doomsday brick wall that is Trump and his policies in that regard. They don’t like that and they are mustering their forces waiting for the end of his term(s) in office.

As a scientist I don’t see any convincing evidence of any climate doomsday other than potential asteroid collisions or possible nuclear war winter effects. As an environmentalist we really need to deal with actual pollutants and the waste of our civilization using technologies such as large scale Recycling Disintegrators that break down carbon chain molecules into smaller reusable chains with temperature and pressure.

Full MIT Technology Review article here.


via Watts Up With That?

February 15, 2019 at 04:06PM

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