February 2019 Setting Records for Snowfall

“This month has been so snowy that it is now setting records for daily and monthly totals,” says the National Weather Service. “On February 12th, Eau Claire, Wisconsin set a record for their snowiest February on record.”

Eau Claire’s 28.4 inches beat the previous record of 28.2 inches – for the entire month – set in 1936.

“Several daily snowfall records were also broken this month,” the Weather Service announced.

Daily Snowfall Records Set in the Twin Cities:

February 7th: 5.9″ (previous 4.1″ in 2001)
February 10th: 5.9″ (previous 4.3″ in 1953)
February 12th: 5.5″ (previous 3.2″ in 1940 and 1965)

Daily Snowfall Records Set in Eau Claire:

February 5th: 7.7″ (previous 7.0″ in 2019)
February 7th: 4.4″ (previous 3.8″ in 1981)
February 12th: 9.5″ (previous 4.1″ in 2000)


Thanks to Don Wilkening for this link


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February 16, 2019 at 01:44PM

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