Climate Scientist Prof. Horst Lüdecke Tells German ‘Bundestag Environment Committee’ CO2 Reduction Policy Is “Mad”

At the February 20th hearing of the Bundestag Environment Committee on CO2 reduction targets for heavy commercial vehicles, Prof. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, EIKE press spokesman (science), urged that reasonableness be maintained in climate policy.

Six experts were asked to provide their assessment before the Committee.

By EIKE editorial staff / Pierre Gosselin

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IPCC sends the world on a wild goose chase

While all other experts welcomed the prescribed reduction of emissions by 30% by 2030 or described it as a little too difficult, Lüdecke requested that we first check if CO2 would really have this effect that the IPCC has been claiming for decades and doing so without providing a trace of evidence. As to William von Ockham (Ockham’s razor or law of parsimony), the simplest explanations should also be sought in natural sciences. And experience has shown that these are almost always the right explanations.

Changes of last 150 years within natural variability

Applied to the temperature increase of the last 150 years, this means first comparing these changes to earlier natural variations of the climate. If one does this, one finds that the changes of the last 150 years are exactly within the natural variations of the climate. An additional CO2 effect is not needed.

Hundreds of billions for a few hundredths of a degree

Prof. Lüdecke previously had made all these arguments, and many more available to the committee members in a comprehensive statement. It is thus stored in the database of the Bundestag (here). Prof. Lüdecke finished his remarks on the absurdity of these “savings targets” with pinpoint accuracy.

When asked at the 12:30 mark (video below) what effect Germany’s draconian plans to reduce CO2 would have on the global climate, Prof. Lüdecke stated that is “relatively easy to estimate” using even the IPCC’s worst case scenarios and knowing that Germany’s share of global CO2 emissions is merely about two percent and Europe about 10%.

It is only in the hundredths of a degree. It’s not more than that. These are facts that are not being being registered – okay, good. But these are facts that are there. Now it comes down to, in my naive opinion, that for every measure, for every political measure, the principle of reasonableness applies. That means the reasonableness in terms of benefit to cost. When the benefit is zero and the cost is great, then such a measure is not reasonable. It may be religious, it may be ideological, but in terms of rationality it’s mad. That has to be said.”

High risk of an energy folly

Lüdecke next reminded the Committee that China, India and Africa are adding coal-fired power on a scale that is 10 times, or even 100 times, that of Germany and that Germany’s costly efforts ultimately will be meaningless globally. He characterizes the German CO2 reduction plan as a huge illusion, and hints there’s a high risk it will turn into a folly.

More on this topic in German at EIKE here.

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February 26, 2019 at 01:17PM

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