The AI Morality Push Which Might Make Climate Change Compliance Compulsory

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

If AI researchers get their way, in the near future we may no longer have the option of straying even slightly outside the politically correct mandates of our national leaders.

Alexa, call the police! Smart assistants should come with a ‘moral AI’ to decide whether to report their owners for breaking the law, experts say

PUBLISHED: 23:41 AEDT, 22 February 2019 | UPDATED: 04:02 AEDT, 23 February 2019

‘What we propose is very simple and of course there is so much more to do,’ Dr Slavkokik told MailOnline.

‘There is [already] an ethical conflict between people in one family, let alone between people and manufacturer, or shareholders of the manufacturer and programers.

If we want to avoid Orwellian outcomes it’s important that all stakeholders are identified and have a say, including when machines shouldn’t be able to listen in. Right now only the manufacturer decides.’

‘Humans and human situations are far messier than this method makes out,’ Beth Singler from the University of Cambridge told New Scientist.

Some might want it dealt with within the family, while others may take a hard line and seek police involvement. This disparity is likely to be found in all the groups of people’.

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In case you think my cartoon of an AI bin telling off its owner for dumping recyclables into the trash is an exaggeration, consider the following;

UK bin lorries fitted with 7 spy cameras to catch and fine recycling rule breakers

Councils across England and Wales are on the lookout for residents contaminating rubbish.

By Staff Reporter
Updated September 2, 2017 11:05 BST

Over 160 councils now use bin lorries fitted with cameras to monitor recycling practices. Incidents are also recorded by councils when bags are too heavy, and when residents contaminate their recycling with items like nappies.

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If councils are already willing to invest employee time into catching recycling infringers, adding AI to the mix just makes it easier for them to enforce their rules.

The infrastructure for spying on the lives of vast numbers of ordinary people is in many cases already in place

The Microphones That May Be Hidden in Your Home

The controversy around Google’s Nest home-security devices shows that consumers never really know what their personal technology is capable of.

FEB 23, 2019

Google apologized Wednesday to customers who purchased its Nest Secure home-security system. The device is equipped with a microphone that has gone unmentioned since it went on sale in 2017. Earlier in February, Google announced on Twitter an upcoming software update that activated the microphone, making the Nest Guard responsive to voice commands and Google Assistant technology. The tweet startled users, who were never told the system could pick up sound.

Have I had a device with a hidden microphone in my house this entire time?one user asked.

Missing from the Nest account’s response was the word yes, but to be clear: Yes.

Of course you don’t need a Google nest device to be potentially vulnerable to this kind of “accidental” snooping. Google also owns the Android mobile phone operating system.

Apple’s recent embarrassment shows how easily our mobile phones can be used to invade our privacy.

Apple were forced to release a patch earlier this month to fix a defect which allowed iPhone users to snoop on other iPhone users, by exploiting a bug in Apple’s popular FaceTime app.

Unfortunately I can’t find a full copy of the “Moral AI” presentation , but I think we get the idea. Maria Slavkovik, who led the research quoted by the first article, expresses the opinion in some of her other work that AI could be used to tackle climate change.

via Watts Up With That?

February 26, 2019 at 12:03AM

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