Coldest February on record in Vancouver

Not just for a day, but the entire month. CBC News calls it the “chilliest” February on record.

February 2019 was the coldest February on record for the British Columbia city since records began in 1937.

“We typically see around seven days in the double digits (Celsius) during the month of February,” said Matt MacDonald, a meteorologist at Environment Canada. “We didn’t have a single day above 10 degrees this month.”

Thanks to Terrance22 and Terry for these links

“What’s equally interesting to me is the headline,” says Terry.

“Note that it was the “chilliest” February on record. Not the “coldest.” But we all know tha, had it been the warmest February on record, they would have called it the “hottest.” There would also have been much hand-wringing and teeth gnashing. The coldest February got a short and fairly dull mention.”

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March 9, 2019 at 07:26PM

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