James Bond going electric in next film with Aston Martin Rapide E

Not the 2019 model [image credit: camaro5.com]

A short post from our Hollywood reporter, or something – amidst reports of ‘007 going green’ (is he ill?) and ‘Dr No…petrol’ – and we’re not making any of this up. You’d need to be on a big budget to afford his ride though – the price is shocking.

Silent EV in Her Majesty’s secret service will have all the gadgets, reports Autoblog.

England’s The Sun newspaper, in a piece fabulously titled “The Spy Who Plugged Me … In,” reports that James Bond will drive an Aston Martin Rapide E in the next franchise installment.

Quoting “an insider,” it’s said director Cary Joji Fukunaga is a “total tree-hugger” and pushed to include a more environmentally friendly set of wheels.

Long-time producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson went along with it, Fukunaga’s apparently working with Aston Martin on the show car.

Nothing will be lost in the switch from horsepower to e-power, the Rapide E fitted with “all the high-tech gadgets” and starring in “the centre of an incredible action sequence in the movie.”

The Rapide E’s appearance doesn’t exclude a role for another Aston Martin, though. Bond drove a DB5 and DBS in “Casino Royale,” then doubled up again in “Spectre” with a DB10 and DB5.

We’d expect more than one Warwickshire product, in fact, since Bond cars don’t tend to survive any “incredible action sequence.”

Since we can expect a raft of puns from the car’s inclusion, let’s go ahead and give a shout-out to Motoring Research who asked the question, “Do you expect me to torque?”

Full report here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop


March 15, 2019 at 03:18PM

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