“Energy and Society” Course (Part III: Electricity from Hydro, Nuclear, Renewables, Biomass)

This continues a series on the syllabus of Pierre Desrochers’ course at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Energy and Society, which gets my vote as the single best course on its subject in North America if not the world.

Part I explored the course description as well as the videos and readings from the first two weeks of the class; Part II covered carbon-based energy.

Electrification.” Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century. National Academy of Engineering. 2000. 

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– Access to Electricity
– Per Capita Electricity Consumption

-Water power before electricity 
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-Hydroelectric Power
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– “Types of Hydropower”  

The Canadian Encyclopedia
– Hydroelectricity

The Canadian Encyclopedia
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– “Nuclear Power Plants”  
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>Chernobhyl and Fukushima

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General Statements
Stephens, W. R. “Review of Powering the Dream: The History and
Promise of Green Technology
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New York Journal of Books

Oil vs Ethanol.” Wessels Living
History Farm.

Dartnell, Lewis. Undated. “Out of the Ashes. It took a lot of fossil fuels to forge our
industrial world. Now they’re almost gone. Could we do it again without them?
” Aeon

– Overview
Renewable and Alternative Fuels Basics 101.”
Energy Information Administration (read only the general definition).

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.” Cool It (November

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– Supporters
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– Critics
+ Overview
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Washington Post
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+ Output and Technical Issues
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Zero Global Energy
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Say Wind Turbines Posing “Significant Danger” To Environment!
” No
Tricks Zone
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. Global Warming Policy Foundation (Read the Foreword and

+ Environmental Impact
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Energy Comment
 (September 12). Bryce, Robert. 2018. “The Antithesis of Green.” National
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+ Costs and Profitability
2014. “Analysis: Solar & Wind Power Costs are Huge Compared to
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– Wood
U.S. Wood Pellet Exports Double in 2013 in Response to
Growing European Demand
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EIA) (May 22, 2014). 

Where are the Wood Pellets Going? A Look at Global Biomass
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– Ethanol and Biodiesel
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 (July 10).  

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 Germany’s Energiewende
Clean Energy Wire. Undated. Germany’s Energiewende – The Easy Guide (browse)
(see especially The History of the Energiewende). 

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Despite spending billions, it is falling behind other European countries
.” Politico (March

Lundseng, Oddvar, Hans Johnsen and Stein Bergsmark. 2018. “Germany’s Green Transition has Hit a Brick Wall.” CFACT (December

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