Analysis Of 7 California Stations Shows No Precipitation Trend Change

By Kirye

and P. Gosselin

We often hear how the climate is changing everywhere, like in California.

Listening to the media we get the impression that the Golden State is drying out and risks burning up, before heavy rains hit. Others claim the state is facing “weather whiplash” because climate change will make the weather more extreme and volatile.

Today we take a look at the precipitation data of 7 stations spread across the state to see what changes have been happening. Used here are the data from the Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA) that cover the last 33 years.

Data: JMA.

As we can see, there has been no trend over the past 30 years. Variability also appears unchanged. California has always been a state characterized by alternating periods of drought and rainfall influenced by oceanic cycles like ENSO. The data show everything is within the normal range.

The real trend is the massive increase in media climate ambulance chasing where every anomaly gets hyped into something much more than it really is.

via NoTricksZone

April 7, 2019 at 10:01AM

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