Staggering Human Success…Fake Disaster Claims Exposed: Grain Production QUADRUPLES While Population Doubles!

Climate disaster? Grain production almost quadrupled worldwide while the population doubled over past 60 years!

(Translated/ edited by P Gosselin)

In these times of Fridays for Future led by Greta Thunberg, all experts and self-proclaimed experts are talking about how badly the earth is doing and warning that planet earth is about to collapse unless action is taken immediately. It’s claimed that all experts agree on their vision of the future! Droughts, floods, crop failures and famines threaten – and millions of climate refugees will make their way from south to north.

These are the visions of the “climate impact researchers”. But is that really the case? The opposite is the reality.

Let us first take a look at the grain yield of the most important cereals grown in the world.


Global grain yields per hectare  for the most important grains. Source: Statista

Miracle upon miracle. The grain yields per hectare of corn, rice, wheat and barley have increased strongly over the last 25 years and have not decreased at all, despite all the climate horror claims.

In the case of maize, the yields per hectare have almost doubled. Maize yields have increased by around 80%, rice by around 65%, wheat by around 70% and barley by around 65%.

And this in times when droughts and torrential rains are supposedly reducing the harvest yields?


Global production of maize, rice and wheat. Source: FAOSTAT

If you look at the world harvests of the most important grains, they have also risen sharply over the last 25 years. The amount of maize harvested has roughly doubled, i.e. increased by 100%, the amount of rice harvested by about 75% and the amount of wheat harvested by about 80%.


If we look at global grain production and grain production in selected tropical countries, this has increased sharply since 1960. On average, production has quadrupled!


Exponential growth since 2000! Source: Worldwatch Institute

And when we look at the world grain production as a whole (wheat, rice and coarse grains), production has quadrupled since 1961!

This means that four times as much grain is harvested in the world as 60 years ago. The world population has only grown from 3 billion to over 7 billion in the same period. So it has only more than doubled a little bit.



Maize and wheat yields for Germany and USA. Source: Felde 2009 as to FAOSTAT

In Germany and the USA as well, yields per hectare of cultivated land have risen sharply since 1960. Maize in Germany by approx. 130% and for wheat in Germany by approx. 120%. This is more than doubling. Maize in the USA has jumped by approx. 110%, for wheat in the USA approx. 75%. So almost doubling.


Grain production in tonnes and yield per hectare. Source: German Federal Office of Statistics

If we look at the development of grain production in Germany since 1950, we can see a significant increase both in the total harvest quantity and in the yields per hectare. The total grain production has increased by about 450%, the grain yield by about 350%.


Wheat yield (top), maize yield Germany (bottom). Source: Prof. F. Isermeyer, FAL Braunschweig

By international standards, wheat yields per hectare of cultivated land have risen worldwide. Germany, in particular, is distinguished in wheat cultivation by high yields per hectare and a strong increase in yields per hectare. The yield per hectare of wheat has more than doubled since 1970 and is four times higher than in other countries.

And maize acreage and maize yields have also grown strongly in Germany. In the last 30 years, the yields per hectare of maize have almost doubled and the area under maize has increased by about 75%.

Good news censored

The question is: Why don’t you hear about it in the media and news? As a rule, there are only reports of failed harvests and famines, but no new record harvests. Perhaps simply because this does not fit into the picture of a climate catastrophe?

Now imagine that the Arctic and Siberia would also become fertile arable land as a result of global warming and that crop yields increased even further as a result. Would that be bad or good?

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April 10, 2019 at 06:48AM

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