Leading German Meteorologist Tells Audience “Dangerous” To Declare Climate Debate Ended…Too Much Uncertainty

High profile German meteorologist Donald Bäcker recently told an audience that there remains great uncertainty as to what is really behind climate change. He told the biggest problem the planet faces is waste, particularly plastic in the oceans.

Hat-tip: Hallolindenlimmer.de

Donald Bäcker regularly gives his weather forecasts on flagship German public television and spoke in an entertaining way before an open-minded and very interested audience in the Ihme Centre in Hanover.

The lecture lasted two hours and the videos posted at Hallolindenlimmer.de show the climate excerpt of it.

Plastic pollution a greater problem

The topic of climate change was emphasized in his lecture under the title: “Is our climate going crazy?” Bäcker rejected climate panic and recommended to the climate striking pupils to go back to school and learn.

His conclusion on the climate debate: “Plastic in the sea is worse”.

On climate he told the audience that it is very difficult to figure out what part man plays and what natural factors play in the complex system of climate.  At the 5:30 mark of the 32-minute video excerpt, he told  that rolling back CO2 is not going to save us and that the worst problem is plastics and coping with the population growth.

Too many people living in naturally hazardous areas

Concerning natural disasters hitting populated areas, he tells the audience that it’s not climate change causing the tragedies, but rather people living in hazardous areas.

“Dangerous” to declare climate science settled

He also criticizes the climate discussion and calls the claims that the discussion is over and that CO2 is the main driver today  “dangerous”. Bäcker points out that predictions made by climate scientists in 2000 that Germany would dry out have turned out to be wrong.

At the 14-minute mark he warns that the climate model predictions are lacking in quality and that climate scientists know their predictions will be forgotten 30 to 40 years down the road. He reminds the audience how scientists warned in the 1970s of a coming ice age, which today we know never showed up.

At the 16-minute mark, Bäcker reminds the audience that renewable energies like solar are not what they are cracked up to be, saying that the production of solar modules “is very energy intensive” and more damaging to the environment than we are led to believe.

Today’s climate not unusual

When questioned about the “dramatic” situation in the Arctic, Bäcker remined that this is not an unusual situation in that people once settled in Greenland 1000 years ago and how the climate back then was warmer than it is today.

No consensus

At the 18:00 mark he sharply criticizes the notion that the science is settled and finds it disturbing that people who present alternative explanations get dismissed and labelled as nuts, and shut out by the press. He adds that there is in reality no consensus and there are scientists out there who don’t agree.

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April 13, 2019 at 11:30AM

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