40-Year Meteorologist Says Public “Being Fed Bill Of Goods” By Climate Alarmists On Hurricanes, Tornadoes

At the latest Saturday Summary at Weatherbell Analytics, Joe Bastardi, a well-known 40-year veteran of meteorology, looks at tornadoes and hurricanes.

Although many meteorologists and climatologists confirm that there is no data suggesting global warming is causing more frequent and intense tornado and hurricane activity, there is a small but influential alarmist group who claim otherwise. And it’s no surprise who the click-baiting media parrot at maximum volume.

Landfalling hurricanes downward trend

At the 5:45 mark, Joe presents a chart depicting the frequency of US landfalling hurricanes since 1900:

Thank you global warming!

As the chart above shows, hurricane frequency has declined while global temperatures have risen over the same period, which leads Joe to comment that we “have been fed a bill of goods by people who use the weather as weapons.”

By “people” here, he means the climate-ambulance chasing media, scientists and public figures who seize upon every weather anomaly and claim it’s a sign of manmade global warming.

Also the former veteran AccuWeather meteorologist points out that the alarmists like to forget that there was a record setting 10-year hiatus for major hurricanes striking the U.S from 2005 to 2015. Here he suggests that the warming of the past 117 years may in fact be contributing to the downward trend.

Tornado activity on the decline

Next at the 10:10 mark of the Saturday Summary, Joe looks at tornado activity. Data here as well show that tornado activity has been declining rather than picking up, which is what the climate alarm-heads like to suggest is the case:

Chart: NOAA

As the NOAA chart clearly shows, tornado activity has fallen over the past 50 years. Here as well Bastardi says we’ve “been sold a bill of goods” concerning claims that climate is making tornadoes worse.

And so far 2019 has seen below average tornado activity as well:

Image cropped from April 13, 2019 Weatherbell Saturday Summary.

via NoTricksZone


April 14, 2019 at 08:43AM

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