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Extinction Rebellion Have Trouble Counting

By Paul Homewood


The far left Extinction Rebellion rabble, who are planning to block London’s streets tomorrow, give training courses for followers, as shown on this video:





At 21 mins in, they present this slide, which makes extraordinary claims about puffins:




The Truth?

Well, far from it.

In reality, puffins are thriving as never before off the Pembrokeshire coast:


IN THE LAST few days over 7,500 Puffins have arrived at Skokholm and over 5,000 on Skomer, the highest number in March since the 1950’s.

It is the earliest landing date for the birds since records began 90 years ago.

The Puffins were joined by other arrivals, including thousands of alcids.

The Skokholm Island Facebook page said: “The Puffins came in with a bang yesterday, so we walked the whole coastline and counted them.

“A mighty 7447 were rafting just below the cliffs; an amazing count and the highest March count ever!

“They also made first landfall-the earliest date they’ve dared to brave our shores in 90 years of recording.”

With Skomer island also confirming the early arrival of the birds on their Facebook page.

A spokesperson for The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) who manages the islands have confirmed that at last count yesterday (Tuesday, 19 March) there were “Over 7,500 at Skokholm and over 5,000 at Skomer”.

“This is the earliest they have landed in 90 years. In peak season we expect around 8,000 at a time so these numbers are proving very exciting for this years arrivals. The highest figures we’ve had over the islands is 30,000.”

Skokholm Island also said that it was the highest March count of the seabirds since the 1950s.



Indeed, puffin numbers have been increasing in leaps and bounds in the last decade despite global warming.

Puffin Numbers on Skomer Island



And at the other end of the country on the Farne Islands, puffin numbers remain stable, with a count last year of 44000 pairs:



Final results from the 2018 survey, which involved checking a proportion of burrows on eight of the islands, reveal there are around 44,000 pairs, up 9% on the last count conducted in 2013.



But hey, what’s 88000 puffins, when you’ve got a rebellion to lead?



April 15, 2019 at 05:24AM


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