Eco-woke Journalist: “We’re losing the war on climate change”

Bill McKibben issuing a deadline at some climate event…

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A green journalist despairs that ordinary people are so far unmoved by school child climate heroes, mass hippy protests and Bill McKibben’s apocalyptic climate rants.

We’re losing the war on climate change

Analysis by John D. Sutter, CNN
Updated 0006 GMT (0806 HKT) April 22, 2019

For years now, people like environmentalist and journalist Bill McKibben have been screaming from the treetops that we need a 
World War II-scale mobilization to fight the scourge of climate change. 

I mean, yes, I’ve met Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen who is “schooling world leaders” on climate policy and who started a global school walkout movement. …

But the scale of the outrage in no way matches the magnitude of this disaster, which, like WWII, threatens to cripple or even obliterate human life on the planet as we know it.

We’ve known the truth about climate change — that people are burning fossil fuels and warming the atmosphere, with potentially catastrophic consequences — for decades now. James Hansen testified about the dangers of global warming when he was an NASA scientist in 1988. The New York Times headline: “Global Warming Has Begun, Expert Tells Senate.” 

Since then, the eco-woke among us have created more than enough deadlines to try to force change. In 1990, as George Marshall wrote in his book “Don’t Even Think About It,” the magazine Ecologist published a book called “5,000 Days to Save the Planet.” About 5,000 days later, the Institute for Public Policy Research declared that there were “Ten Years to Save the Planet.” In 2008, he wrote, the New Economics Foundation said it was “100 Months to Save the World.”

Project Drawdown and others have identified and ranked the solutions that work. But to date, there have not been enough carbon taxes or other incentives to scale those ideas globally.

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John mentions he contributed to the litany of climate deadlines, with his 100 days to save the world piece back in 2015.

But does personally issuing just one climate deadline really constitute a serious effort to motivate the deplorables?

If journalists like John had say issued us with a new climate deadline every month, or even a new deadline every week, surely at least we’d have a global carbon tax by now. We might even be well on the way to handing control of the global economy to someone like Green New Deal architect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Face it John, you’re just not trying hard enough.

via Watts Up With That?

April 22, 2019 at 12:06AM

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