Australia Election Result Show Citizens Fed Up With Infantile “Vote For Us, Or Die!” Campaigns And Threats

Australia’s election results are in, and once again major media are in state of shock.

Hysteria and insults get refuted

The New York Times here for example called it a “stunning win” and claimed it was “propelled by a populist wave” that resembled “the force that has upended politics in the United States, Britain and beyond.”

The UK Guardian went on, calling the result of the “climate change election” a “major upset”, complaining that in fact “the climate lost.”

The climate skeptic, German-language Ruhrkultour here commented that citizens have grown increasingly tired of the “climate hysteria”, and that this ultimately “cost Labour the election victory”.

Now that the dust begins to settle, the search for answers begins in earnest. But as was the case in 2016 in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s stunning victory, don’t expect the losing side to acknowledge the truth and reality.

Rather look for them to search for a scapegoat. Expect to them start criticizing democracy and blaming “misled voters”, who were deceived by fake news and disinformation campaigns. There will be more loud calls for even greater crackdowns on Internet social media platforms.

“Hope you die!”

The real reason for the loss by Labour is the towering arrogance that left of centre parties have been putting on display lately. Nothing illustrates this better than two tweets recently appearing:

Here’s the first by Australian academic, Daniel Best via Not Suit:

And these people think it’s “populism” or the “Russians” behind their losses. That’s denial.

Threats and insults

If these people want to start winning elections again, they need to realize it’s their tantrummy, 6-year old attitude that’s turning everyone off. People are sick of — and frankly appalled — by all their phony “expertise”, bullcrap “consensus” claims, emotional hysteria and fake “climate crisis”. Never mind all the insults. Yet, The Guardian pledges to get even more shrill about climate.

And here’s the second reaction, this one concerning the upcoming EU elections, by Matt Kelly

This tweet was written by Matt Kelly, editor of the pro-Remain New European newspaper

Source: Telegraph, via Twitter. Read story here.

In other words, it’s: “Vote for us, or die!”

Moreover, Mr. Kelly thinks the elderly are disgusting incontinents who need constant cleaning up after and cannot vote correctly.

Well, people are tired of being threatened and insulted into voting a certain way, and it’s people like Kelly and Best who are disgusting. This is why people aren’t voting for them.

Wishing us dead

And each time after they lose, none of us of course ends up dying and so in a tantrum they wish us all dead. Thankfully the majority of voters have been able to see through the infantile behavior.

In a way, The Guardian’s latest move ought to be welcome. It will only play into the hands of us “populists” and “deplorables”.

via NoTricksZone

May 19, 2019 at 08:49AM

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