Germany’s ‘Climate Cabinet’ Delays Action Again

A special meeting of Germany’s so-called climate cabinet on Wednesday produced little action on the issue of confronting climate change as members opted to delay making fundamental decisions until September.

Steffen Seibert, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, said concrete measures for lowering Germany’s CO2 emissions will be determined by the end of the year.

The group was formed in April and consists of representatives from the ministries of economic affairs, finance, transportation, construction and agriculture. Wednesday’s meeting was convened at the request of Environment Minister Svenja Schulze from the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Merkel’s coalition partner.

Earlier this week, Schulze voiced her frustration about the CDU’s foot-dragging on her climate bill, saying she could not “take responsibility for further delays.”

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May 31, 2019 at 05:17AM

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