Climate Advocate Ship of Fools University Bans Teaching Potentially Offensive Facts

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JaneHM – the University of New South Wales, the home university of Chris Turney, leader of the Ship of Fools expedition which got stuck in the Antarctic ice, has just forbidden lecturers from teaching anthropological historical facts which might offend Australia’s indigenous community.

University bans ‘inappropriate’ scientific data about the arrival of humans in Australia because it is offensive to Aboriginals who believe they have been here ‘forever’

  • UNSW lecturers told to not teach date Indigenous people arrived in Australia 
  • The language guidelines were sent out staff and approved by a working group 
  • Told more appropriate is that Indigenous Australians here ‘since the Dreaming’ 

PUBLISHED: 16:01 AEST, 29 June 2019 | UPDATED: 16:01 AEST, 29 June 2019

Science lecturers at the University of New South Wales have been told to stop telling students that Indigenous people’s arrived in Australia 40,000 years ago.

In a letter sent to staff the lecturers were told that it is ‘inappropriate’ to teach dates and they should say Aboriginals have been here ‘since the beginning of the Dreamings’ because that is what indigenous people believe. 

A set of classroom guidelines were circulated in the science faculty this month which alerted the scientists to the existing language advice, according to The Weekend Australian

The guidelines say teaching a date for the arrival of Indigenous people ‘tends to lend support to migration theories and anthropological assumptions.’ 

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Maybe we’ve all been unfair to Chris Turney.

Perhaps Turney got into trouble, because he was never taught that Antarctic pack ice can be dangerous to ships, because learning there is lots of floating ice around Antarctica would upset climate activists, who are utterly convinced it has all melted away.

via Watts Up With That?

June 30, 2019 at 11:49PM

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