By Paul Homewood

And they wonder why climate science is such a laughing stock!

This is from the Scottish Herald, but has also been widely reported elsewhere:

EDINBURGH’s climate will be more like Paris’ by 2050, according to an analysis which illustrates the impacts of global warming on major cities.

An evaluation of the world’s 520 major cities by the Crowther Lab, a scientific facility in Zurich, indicated more than three-quarters will experience a striking change in climate conditions by 2050 compared with today.

It found more than a fifth (22 per cent), including Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, will experience unprecedented conditions that major conurbations have not seen before.

London’s climate in 2050 will be more similar to Barcelona’s current conditions, while Edinburgh’s will be more like Paris is now. Glasgow’s future climate was compared to Cardiff.

The researchers said pairing up cities in this way can help people visualise the impact of climate change in their own lives.

For example, London could face the kind of extreme drought conditions that hit Barcelona in 2008, with severe implications for the Spanish city’s population and major economic costs from importing £20 million of drinking water.

The predictions are based on an “optimistic” scenario where action is taken to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Jean-Francois Bastin, lead author of the research paper, said: “History has repeatedly shown us that data and facts alone do not inspire humans to change their beliefs or act.

“The intangible nature of reporting on climate change fails to adequately convey the urgency of the issue – for example, it is hard to envision how 2C of warming, or changes in average temperature by 2100 might impact daily life.

“With this analysis from Crowther Lab scientists, we want to help people visualise the impact of climate change in their own city, within their lifetime.”

The study, published in the journal PLOS One, suggests summers and winters in Europe will get warmer, with average increases of 3.5C and 4.7C respectively – equivalent to a city shifting 1,000km (620 miles) further south.


Meanwhile back in the real world:

Summer temperatures in Scotland have barely increased since the 1940s, and significantly have not risen at all in the last decade:


And winter temperatures have hardly changed at all in the last century:




July 11, 2019 at 05:09PM

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