Forbes Demands a Manhattan Project to Discover a Magic Climate Energy Solution

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Forbes contributor Steve Denning, the best hope of finding a solution to climate change is to commit the global economy to discovering an entirely novel source of energy.

The One Viable Solution To Climate Change

Jul 12, 2019, 06:37pm

Steve Denning Senior Contributor
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Something has to be done. But what? The problem is that none of the paths presently under consideration are viable, except one.

The Limits Of Wind, Solar And Batteries 

As explained in a paper from the Manhattan Institute, we are near the theoretical limits of what is possible from efficiency improvements in existing hydrocarbon technology or from wind, and solar energy and battery storage: those technologies are radically inadequate to handle the challenge of climate change.

Nuclear Power

Other experts push for greater investment in nuclear power, which is the second largest low-carbon power source after hydroelectricity. It supplies about 10% of global electricity generation. While these experts push for nuclear power as “the answer”, disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima dominate the popular imagination about nuclear power and make wider implementation politically difficult.

More Regulatory Action And Voluntary Efforts

Meanwhile, regulatory action or voluntary efforts will be utterly insufficient to make a difference. The 2015 Paris Agreement called on countries to individually make their best efforts to contain the damage. This was perceived as a positive step, but it was not enough to stay climate change, even if the Agreement were to be fully implemented.

A New Manhattan Project

So what if a massive effort in basic research with the best minds and adequate funding was undertaken to find new technology for creating non-polluting energy for the planet?

What if it was launched by one country to get it started and then other countries were invited to join it so as to make it a multinational effort.

Is there any real alternative, except denial?

When do we stop our magical thinking and work on the one thing that will sustain the human race? Is there anything more urgent or important?

When do we start?

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Has anyone else noticed how weak green excuses for not embracing nuclear power are? I mean, on one hand greens tell us the world will end in 12 years or by 2050 or whatever, yet in the same breath they tell us nuclear power is too dangerous because there might be a few meltdowns.

How could the risk of a few meltdowns possibly be worse than the end of the world?

via Watts Up With That?

July 13, 2019 at 08:34PM

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