Greenland Meltdown Hoax

By Paul Homewood

You will recall those ridiculous stories about Greenland heatwaves and ice sheet meltdown, which were circulating just a couple of weeks ago:



As I pointed out at the time, they were simply not true. And, now the actual data bears this out.

The Surface Mass Balance (SMB) of the ice sheet, while below average is still well above that of 2012, and also within the historical range.. Most of the shortfall this year is because of dry weather during the winter, hence lack of snow.

[The light grey band shows differences from year to year. For any calendar day, the band shows the range over the 30 years (in the period 1981-2010), however with the lowest and highest values for each day omitted. ]



Although this year will likely end up around 200Gt down on average, the last two years finished about 300Gt above average.



Note that the SMB does not reflect calving – for full explanation, see here.


As usual, climate alarmists cherry pick an odd day or two, and call it climate change:


But what about that heatwave?

Well at Nuuk on the west coast, daytime temperatures were in the 50s for the first ten days, peaking at 60F on the 3rd.



None of this is unusual for August, which averages 48.9F, and has a record of 73F, according to Wiki.

Over on the east at Tasiilaq, where daytime temperatures average 50.7F, temperatures have been below normal on most days:



For Greenland as a whole, most of the island except for the far north has been colder than usual in the last five days, and with cold in the forecast for the rest of the month, we are probably already at maximum melt:



But you would have guessed none of this from the fraudulent reports being bandied around a week or two ago.


August 13, 2019 at 04:33PM

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