Power Cuts? What Power Cuts?

By Paul Homewood




While Britain is still trying to establish what caused the worst blackout for years last week, the two companies directly responsible still continue to not even mention their involvement:


The Danish state owned Oersted, the pop singer formerly known as Prince company formerly known as DONG, who are responsible for the monstrously inefficient wind farm at Hornsea, which was mainly responsible for the blackout, can only offer this self aggrandising puff on its website:




Global energy transition? Do they mean transition to blackouts?

Meanwhile, German owned RWE, who won the Little Barford gas power station, cannot tell us what went wrong either:




All they can do is brag about their profits, and boast that they have shut a source of reliable power which would have gone a long way to reducing the grid’s reliance on intermittent renewable power.



Meanwhile, nobody in the media seems to have picked up on the crucial role of proper reliable, dispatchable power generation to get the country out of the disaster it was heading towards.

Although short term contributions from pumped storage, OCGT, DSR and other temporary measures helped to stabilise the grid for the few minutes after the crash, it was CCGT which restored proper grid stability within half an hour.




There has been much talk in the media about how Tesla type batteries would have “solved” last week’s problems.

However they all share the same childlike misconception as to how long batteries and the like can continue to supply power for. In Tesla’s case, using the South Australian example, it is about an hour.

If we had no spare dispatchable CCGT or coal capacity available last week, how long would that battery, DSR or pumped storage capacity have lasted for?

You certainly would not have been able to turn up the wind, or ask the sun to stay out all night! And nuclear needs to  run flat out for obvious reasons.


When will the media wake up and ask the obvious question? What would have happened last week if all of our coal and gas power stations had already been shut down to satisfy St Greta, OJ Corbyn and the rest of the loony left?



August 14, 2019 at 04:39PM

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