Latest eco-folly – Extreme E: climate change racing series

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Marketing meets climate alarmism in the guise of sport. Don’t mention the ‘carbon emissions’ of all the travel and transport between venues.

Williams development driver Jamie Chadwick is named as one of four women to drive in Extreme E, which kicks off in Greenland in 2021, reports BBC Sport.

Extreme E – Formula E’s sister series – aims to highlight climate change in five remote locations as 12 cars go head-to-head in electric SUVs.

“Racing in incredible locations, raising awareness for climate change… what’s not to love,” said Chadwick.

What is Extreme E?

The environmentally focused racing series has secured its first location at the Russell Glacier, in south-west Greenland starting in February 2021.

In order to reach the five locations, the series will have a ‘floating paddock’ which is estimated to reduce freight emissions by two-thirds compared with air travel.

The former Royal Mail cargo ship RMS St Helena will undergo renovations, and will host drivers, teams and their garages, as well as having a team of environmental experts on-board to study the environmental impact of climate change in each region.

Drivers will race head-to-head over three days in each location, with routes designed within a 10km radius with natural obstacles in fully electric SUVs, which are capable of reaching 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds.

As part of the agreement, race organisers must ensure that assessments are carried out with a local third party to safeguard the environment and the social impact.

Testing begins in mid-2020, with the series starting in Greenland in February 2021.

Full report here.

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September 12, 2019 at 05:39AM

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