JCU appeals Ridd decision: James Cook Uni vows to waste more funds in quest to stamp out opinions

JCU protects reputations not the reef


Despite losing on all 17 points in a case that should never have gone to trial –  James Cook Uni will dig deeper into taxpayer funds instead of doing research, in order to protect the reputation of overpaid bureaucrats:

Liberal senator James Paterson tells Alan Jones: “It looks like, so far, James Cook University has spent almost $2 million in order to silence the free speech of one of their own academics. “It’s an outrageous case.”  – 2GB Alan Jones and James Paterson.

What’s the aim here? To protect the reef or protect the belief?

This case has already broadcast to the world that no Australian academic feels free to express doubt over the climate cult. How many have come out in defense of Peter Ridd? Not even one? Ridd’s crime was to talk about the replication crisis in science, to question “trusted institutions” and write satirically “for your amusement”. He helped expose manipulated photos of reef fish. He’s exactly the researcher the Barrier Reef needs. Instead he’s been thrown out for being the whistleblower.

Because this is the high court, it’s potentially a bonfire of money about to be […]

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September 22, 2019 at 11:11PM

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