Brexit Party Climate Fudge

By Paul Homewood


Apart from their ongoing difficulties delivering Brexit, by far the biggest worry about Boris Johnson’s Conservatives is their craven subservience to the green sky fairy.

I’ve just been watching one of their panel discussions on energy and environment, broadcast from the Tory conference in Manchester, and it made me feel quite ill.

Even MPs that you know are secretly sound on green issues and know the whole climate change scam to be hogwash have to go through the motions of pretending that Net Zero — decarbonising the UK economy by 2050 — is a practical, achievable and conservative policy. And it is, of course, none of those things.


Dellers is none too impressed with the Tory conference!

But the interesting bit concerns the Brexit Party, about which he writes:

I just hope, for karma’s sake, that plenty of the “Ooh look at us. See how much we worship Greta Thunberg” Conservative MPs now embracing this nonsense will still be around in government to witness – and suffer for – the consequences of their idiocy.

And what about the Conservatives’ conscience, the Brexit Party? Surely we can rely on them to set a better example?

I’m afraid not.

Paul Homewood recently wrote a piece headlined ‘Brexit Party Deceived By St Greta’.

It quoted an email circular sent out by one of the Brexit Party’s prospective parliamentary candidates, outlining the party’s ‘stance’ on energy and environment:


I asked the party for a response to this. Initially, it was claimed that the story was fake news and that the party had never said any such thing. Then they changed their tune. The party’s chairman Richard Tice told me that this was merely a discussion document which had accidentally been put out as if it were policy – but which it now planned formally to withdraw.

When I suggested to Tice that if the Brexit Party wanted a sensible energy and environment policy there were plenty of wiser heads it could consult — the Global Warming Policy Foundation, say, or Paul Homewood, who had offered his services but been rebuffed — Tice got testy and defensive.

“I’ve had 50 different people calling me up to offer their views on what our environment and energy policy should be,” he said.

This was not, he insisted, a “left/right issue” but one on which all sorts of people, not least his party’s own MEPs, have different views.

Had I been thinking on my feet, what I should have said is, “Not a left/right issue, maybe. But definitely a right/wrong issue – and the Brexit Party should be setting an example by taking the right side.”

But I didn’t.

The distinct impression I got was that Tice was rather hoping for the issue to disappear. I sympathise, up to a point: the Brexit Party has one real job – to keep Boris Johnson’s Conservatives honest on Brexit and to ensure they don’t try to fob us off with a warmed over version of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

At the same time, though, I can’t pretend I’m not slightly disappointed that the Brexit Party is either too frit – or too ill-informed – to take a principled stand on this most important issues.

What it means is that of all the political parties in Britain right now only one tiny fringe party — UKIP — has a sensible, science-driven, economically practical policy on energy and the environment. By ‘sensible’ I mean the one both truest to the evidence – and also the one most likely sympathetic to the majority of British people. Truly, this is a crazy state of affairs. But such are the times we live in.

There are a couple of messages here.

Firstly, I can understand the Brexit Party’s reluctance to move away from their core message on Brexit. But if they want to do that, they cannot afford loose cannon like the PPC, whose freelancing could cost votes.

Secondly, Tice talks about many views on what our environment and energy policy should be. But it is not “views” on which policy should be based, but “facts”.

As far as politics go, as Dellers points out, millions of people who don’t agree with current climate policy (not to mention more who would change their minds if given all of the facts) have nobody but UKIP to speak up for them.

If the Brexit Party continue with their policy of fudge, they will be scoring a disastrous own goal.


October 1, 2019 at 11:48AM

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