Extinction Rebellion’s real target are old English men

Extinction Rebellion leader says its not about climate — it’s about toxic white European racist heterosexists, especially old Brits

I’m so grateful to Stuart Basden, one of the first 15 XR founders, for explaining what XR is really about. Thanks to Charles the moderator at WUWT, and Chris D for sending the Medium essay.

Basden o-chosen-one is here to save us from our delusions — if you thought fossil fuels caused climates to break, you are in denial. Storms and floods are really a symptom of the toxic infection that is European civilization.

Apparently even the IPCC are denialists that the real cause of bad weather is old white English men.

Share this link widely I say, the more people who read this the better.

 Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the Climate

by Stuart Basden

…  I’m here to say that XR isn’t about the climate. You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life. This was exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence (especially) over the last 600 […]

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October 20, 2019 at 10:48AM

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