Watching the Canadian Election and the silent poll factor …

Canadian polls are on a knife edge election day rolls out

In the US, Brexit and Australian elections the pollsters missed the hidden conservative vote. It was so strong some people said they’d vote Labor, but then they voted the other way, and then they left the polling booth and still told exit pollsters they voted for Labor. It wasn’t til the first hour of vote counting that people realized what had really happened.

When a whole side of politics becomes unfashionable, people know what the pollsters want to hear. The Conservative Party led by Andrew Scheer is running on a lower tax, no Carbon Tax platform, so there might be enough there to excite potential hidden voters. But will the voters throw out a one term government? Maybe. The old days of loyalty are over. How much is Canada hurting from political correctness?

According to the Australian ABC the key issues are what the PM wears for overseas trips and dress up parties twenty years ago. I feel pretty confident that real Canadians have other concerns.

Whatever the main issues are in Canada, you can rely on our ABC to not discover them. The following is the usual […]

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October 21, 2019 at 12:35PM

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