Environmental Science has evolved into a religion

“It’s an inquisition revival!”
– Chet Walker

Environmental Science has evolved into a religion

Chet Walker

Science is NOW compulsory RELIGION.

Religion used to be something people chose to believe; like GOD, Christ, Allah or whatever belief you hope to transcend to for being faithful about the way you lived your life while alive.


Catholic Inquisition chaos is a great example of crazed zealots wielding power and retribution on NON-believers. The plethora of horrors committed by those insane zealots has been well documented and written about for centuries, as a crime against humanity. Now we are once again being assailed by RELIGIOUS zealots.

I’ll say what nobody else is saying; Environmental Science has evolved into a religion. Their insistence that THEY KNOW ALL and we “the hobbledehoy” must assume and abide by their one-sided faith, being a faith we are required to blindly follow.

Ruling elites of the Catholic Church along with spurious contemporary scholars and agenda-driven individuals now willingly subscribe to Global Warming (or whatever they mutate the name into). Beyond this, they ALL require EVERYONE to accept and NOT DENY their take on the matter, acceptance on faith, so that makes it a religion. THEY remove choice and now demand faith. Faith is something you have when you believe in something, like God or a religion. Faith is not a requirement in life.

Throughout history the Catholic Church expected followers to abide the profundity of church leadership and doctrines. Individual Catholics practiced blindly and many were devoted adherents to church doctrines and beliefs while others played along and did whatever was needed to avoid summary DEATH.

Competing religions like Protestant, Baptist, New Age, Evangelical, Muslim, or whatever flavor comes to mind have their evil sides, too. Even so, long AFTER the harsh inquisition, religion eventually became a personal CHOICE, and it is not a requirement, especially in America. Persecuted Huguenots and other sects braved oceans and hazards to escape death. Today, a lot of people have likewise chosen to be non-believers of anything religious. In the United States, we are afforded protection from religious persecution, and FREEDOM of choice is respected LEGALLY …isn’t it?

Senator Robert Kennedy Jr. and his cohorts want to persecute everyone who refuses to accept or believe in Global Warming “as they see it” being their Belief Doctrine. That makes it a de facto religion. Therefore, anyone who denies is being persecuted on a religious basis because we don’t subscribe to full faith in their doctrines.

Sorry BOBBY! We can think on our own and we don’t need to default to your religious doctrine. Bobby can believe what he wants to believe and we can believe what we want to believe. But can we? He wields influences and federal power that he can use to threaten us if we do not convert! It’s an inquisition revival! He wants to punish us for not believing what he believes. It’s prima fascia, blatant, capricious, and arbitrary discrimination as OVERT religious persecution.

It’s time to insist on federal intervention. We need the protection afforded us and overseen by those who enforce egregious religious freedom offenses. Freedom is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. No Federal representative can insist that their will exceeds the protections afforded by the founding documents of this nation. Bobby is a religious terrorist!

It’s NOT about science, IT’S A RELIGION.

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October 30, 2019 at 11:23AM

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