Global EV sales in September 2019 drop down 8%

Chinese electric car [image credit:]

Sales of expensive electric vehicles predictably misfire as short-term subsidies inevitably slip. No signs of mass take-up despite endless climate hype.

Global sales are lower than a year ago because China lost incentives, while the U.S. is trying to overcome high Model 3 sales in 2018, reports Inside EVs.

The global plug-in passenger car sales were affected in September by a decrease in sales in China and in the U.S. Only the European market brings significant growth among the three biggest markets.

According to the EV Sales Blog, total sales amounted to over 183,000, which is 8% less than a year ago, at a market share of 2.3%.

The bad news is that all-electric cars were down in September by about 1% year-over-year, which is something not seen in years. Plug-in hybrids were down by 23%.

After nine months of 2019, sales exceed 1,608,000 at an average market share of 2.3%.

Full report here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop

November 1, 2019 at 04:04AM

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