General election 2019: Green Party pledges £100bn a year for climate action

By Paul Homewood


Who let the loonies out?


The Green Party will pledge to invest £100bn a year in climate action for a decade if it gets into power.

Launching her campaign in Bristol, co-leader Sian Berry will say: "Some things are even bigger than Brexit. This must be the climate election."

The party says it will fund the pledge by borrowing £91.2bn a year, with a further £9bn from "tax changes" including a rise in corporation tax.

The Greens will also set out plans to make Britain carbon neutral by 2030.


As if the other parties promises were not bade enough!

£100bn equates to £3700 for every household in the country. Does it not occur to these morons that, sooner or later, it will all have to be paid back.

The Green’s co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, even seems to think spending all of this money will actually make a difference to the climate:

We have to make this investment if we’re going to tackle the climate emergency.

"And we have to make it now rather than in 10 years’ time because we know the change has to come and be completed in 10 years.

Of course, it will save us a hell of a lot money in the long run. The climate emergency – if it comes to fruition – does not bear thinking about in terms of the cost of trillions to the economy."


November 6, 2019 at 06:09AM

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