L A Times propaganda conceals colossal global failure of the Paris Agreement

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The L A Times newest climate alarmist propaganda article blatantly conceals the colossal global failure of the phony Paris Agreement and tries to manipulate the story around the flawed hype that the U.S. has the ability to make meaningful impacts on future global emissions reductions without mentioning of course the huge costs, massive bureaucracy and global emissions irrelevancy involved with such schemes.


“Despite President Trump‘s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, the United States hasn’t completely abandoned the landmark international agreement.

In fact, when the president announced his intent to drop out of the deal two years ago, he inadvertently catalyzed a flurry of climate action among cities, states, businesses and other organizations that remain committed to reducing carbon emissions in order to help the world avoid the worst effects of global warming, experts said.

“That was already going on, but the Trump administration really put that on steroids,” said David Victor, a climate policy researcher at UC San Diego.

More than 400 city leaders have joined the Climate Mayors association, and 17 states and territories have joined the U.S. Climate Alliance. Both organizations have vowed to uphold the country’s Paris pledge.”

The Times story completely hides any and all global data showing what the rest of the world is doing with respect to their emissions outcomes. The Times article basically ignores the fact that the Paris Agreement is a “global agreement.”

Global energy and emissions data clearly establish that the Paris Agreement has been a complete failure and offers no possible global emissions outcomes except ever rising and higher levels of CO2 emissions consistent with the increased and unstoppable energy growth by the world’s developing nations none of which have any emissions reduction commitments or obligations under this politically contrived agreement. 

Through year 2018 global emissions have climbed by nearly 8 billion metric tons since 2005 (the year Obama pegged as the benchmark starting date for his now appropriately defunct CPP emissions reduction shenanigans) with all of that increase accounted for by the world’s developing nations.


The Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 and yet during the three year period through 2018 since that signing global CO2 emissions have climbed by nearly 1.6 billion metric tons with all of that growth from the developing nations while U.S. emissions changed little (and remain well below the U.S. year 2007 peak) and EU emissions slightly declined during this interval.



In comparison China and India’s CO2 emissions climbed by over 770 million metric tons during the three year interval between 2015 to 2018 which continued their unending and decades long increasing emissions trends as is the case for nearly all of the world’s developing nations.



Furthermore EIA future forecasts show global emissions climbing by an additional about 8 billion metrics tons by year 2050 from 2018 levels with all of that increase accounted for by the developing nations despite the developed nations seeing declining emissions during this period as depicted in the EIA graph presented below.


President Trump made the best possible and reasonable decision for the American people which was to dump the absurd Paris Agreement and continue to achieve emissions reductions in the U.S. through cost effective and energy efficient fuel substitution of natural gas in place of coal.


If the world really wants to undertake trying to achieve the unnecessary and costly emission reductions schemes of the Paris Agreement that are driven by politically contrived flawed and failed computer models that cannot accurately represent global or regional climate then its up to the developing nations of the world to lead this effort.

The Paris Agreement is a colossal flop and needs to be dumped.

via Watts Up With That?


November 6, 2019 at 08:48PM

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