BoM changing temperature extremes history

Lance Pidgeon has been working on these 2002 Tables of daily temperature extremes for each Australian State & Territory from the ABS and I decided to show his findings re daily max in this Table. Minimums later.
Readers can check for themselves the BoM sources we used which I have colour coded in my Table.
Red is for what the ABS shows.
Blue shows information from the BoM CDO Climate Data Online.
Pink shows information from the BoM Climate statistics for Australian locations. Change the site number in the URL.
Green shows information from the BoM Daily Extremes Table (select your State and choose Annual which is the bottom Table)
The BoM have since 2011 produced the ACORN adjusted dataset of daily max & min temperatures for their selected sites across Australia and extreme hot days can be changed in ACORN. There is now ACORN Version 1 and 2. Generally ACORN adjusts the early part of the 20th Century cooler and more recent data warmer – thus improving a warming trend in Australian data. Later I will give examples from the ABS Tables.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

November 9, 2019 at 04:10PM

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