The manifest dishonesty of the air pollution mafia

You may think that these folks…

… are merely stupid. In my view, they are entirely dishonest.

Here’s why.

The British Medical Journal published this clownish study today.

Here’s what we want to focus on… the claim that “each 1 μg/m3 increase in short-term exposure [i.e., where “short-term” equals less than 24 hours] to PM2.5… was associated with an annual increase of… 634 deaths.”

So what exactly does this mean? What exactly is a 1 μg/m3 increase in short term exposure?

Let’s simplify things by approximating that the average person breathes about a cubic meter of air every hour.

Keeping in mind that by “short-term” the study authors mean less than 24 hours, a “1 μg/m3 increase in short term exposure” cold mean anything from inhaling and “extra” 1 μg to 24 μg of outdoor air PM2.5.

These are ridiculously small exposures. Could they really be responsible for an “extra” 634 deaths per 1 μg/m3 increase in short term exposure in their population of 95,277,169 Medicare hospital claims from the years 2000 to 2012?

So here’s how stupid this is.

About 10% or so of the Medicare population smokes.

From smoking a single cigarette, a Medicare enrollee will inhale anywhere from 10,000 μg/m3 to 40,000 μg/m3 of PM2.5 in just a few minutes. That’s just a single cigarette. And most probably smoke more than one cigarette per day. Compare that with 1 to 24 μg/m3 “extra” PM2.5 over an entire day.

So at least 10% of these enrollees are inhaling [number of cigarettes x 10,000-40,000] times the PM2.5 being warned about by these study authors.

Where are all the dead bodies? There should be millions of them, if this study were anywhere close to not being absolute fraud.

There are no bodies, however, since PM2.5 kills no one, anywhere in the real-world.

The U.S. EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) is on the verge of declaring all EPA air quality “science” to be scientifically bankrupt.

This new study is yet another a sad, fraudulent and last ditch effort by the air quality mafia to prevent that.

Finally, keep in mind that this study is from the Harvard T.C. Chan School of Public Health. A few years ago the Communist Chinese government purchased the Harvard School of Public Health for about $330 million, hence the rebranding.

The Chicoms are purchasing and/or financing US institutions into order to subvert the US economy. The Chinese would love to see our economy hampered by stringent PM2.5 regulation — you know the way the Obama administration used PM2.5 to destroy 94% of the market value of the coal industry from 2011-2016.


November 27, 2019 at 07:25PM

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