Recycling creates more pollution than it is supposed to alleviate

Trouble is, people are being sidetracked by impossible monsters to slay (like ‘global climate change’).

Recycling creates more pollution than it’s supposed to alleviate

Baron Ash

I lived in Germany in the early 90’s. A newspaper article at the time stated that the German govt had conducted a long, large, thorough study about the benefits of recycling, something they were world leaders in. (Bottle collection points in every neighborhood, separated garbage etc.) They came to a disturbing conclusion:

•   first, that the recycling processes created more pollution than it was supposed to alleviate;
•   second, that they would continue the same recycling protocols anyway because they make people feel better (virtue signalling high!).

A friend of mine in the 90’s gave me a presentation he was using for his business in the NYC area which featured a 30-minute documentary about Japanese incinerators which his firm was trying to sell in North America. The video was impressive with clear-cut statistics and explanations about how they can burn off 99.99% of pretty much anything, including plastics, poisons, metals, batteries, radioactive stuff etc. I think at the end of the movie they had a shot of a large incinerator facility with its smokestack emitting hardly anything visible at all, whilst underneath it and on the adjacent property was a children’s playground – because that’s how clean the whole thing is.

In any case, I agree with you completely (in response to “Who are the litterbugs?“) that the issue is disposal and the solution is incineration.

If only people would stop being sidetracked by impossible monsters to slay (like ‘global climate change’) and instead deal with what can be addressed, like no end of pollution caused by poor disposal methods. Tangentially there are big issues like agricultural pollution from pesticides and antibiotics, but really these are disposal problems too.

The solution involves clear policy-making from governments, but since most are beholden to the same large corporations who do most of the damage, unlikely to expect help from that quarter. For myself, I buy used cars and try to be a good person generally (low emotional pollution footprint!) and figure anything else is a waste of time and worry!

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