Democrats fly to Madrid to conceal Paris Agreement’s colossal failure from Americans

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

Democratic Party House Speaker and U.S. climate alarmist chief czar Nancy Pelosi along with selected Democrat alarmist schemers flew to Madrid to make a political appearance at the latest UN junket that like all prior UN climate junkets will fail yet again.

The Wall Street Journal addressed this appearance by Pelosi in an excellent article that characterized her visit as a complete waste of time.


Regarding Pelosi’s totally political and idiotic claim that the U.S. is “still in” the Paris Agreement the Journal noted the following:

“President Trump didn’t jet off to Madrid for this week’s United Nations climate klatsch, but Nancy Pelosi brought a congressional delegation—and a message. “By coming here,” she proclaimed at a news conference, “we want to say to everyone: We’re still in. The United States is still in.”

A month ago the Trump Administration gave the U.N. its formal notice to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. Now Mrs. Pelosi is saying that . . . we’ll always have Paris? The House Speaker is third in the presidential line of succession. Mrs. Pelosi would have to impeach and remove both Mr. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence before she got the power to commit—or recommit—the U.S. to international agreements.”

The Journal provided a concise reminder of how inept both the proceedings and outcome of the Paris Agreement process was by noting:  

“As a reminder, the Paris deal from the start was impotent, little more than a pep rally for bien-pensants. Countries submitted voluntary pledges to cut emissions, but without having any realistic plans in place to get there. Not that it mattered, since the accord included no enforcement mechanism.

China, which pumps out more CO2 than the U.S. and European Union combined, agreed that its emissions would peak in 2030. Even that target now is in doubt, as Beijing expands coal-fired electricity. Today China has 148 gigawatts of coal power generation “either under active construction or under suspension and likely to be revived,” according to a report last month from the nonprofit Global Energy Monitor. That is “nearly equal to the existing coal power capacity of the European Union (150 GW).”

Additionally the Journal noted the significant CO2 emissions reductions achieved by the U.S. under the Trump Administration support for increased fracking of natural gas that has enabled a lower cost effective and higher fuel efficiency replacement of coal fuel power plants with natural gas plants.

“The U.S. is moving away from coal, thanks to inexpensive natural gas from shale. CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels for electricity peaked in 2007, per data from the Environmental Protection Agency. By 2017, the latest year in the EPA’s data, emissions had dropped about 28% and were 5% lower than in 1990. Overall U.S. emissions of CO2 fell about 14% in a decade, yet the leading Democratic presidential contenders want to ban shale drilling for natural gas.”

China the world’s leader in global CO2 emissions and coal fuel use is attending the Madrid UN climate junket even though it has announced that it is increasing its future commitment to coal fuel and backing down from costly inefficient renewable energy mandates.


Even Japan home of the failed decades old Kyoto climate agreement is attending the junket and has announced that it will continue to use coal fuel to meet its future energy needs.


The world’s developing nations will continue increased future use and growth of fossil fuels as they have in the past as noted below while the globally incompetent and defunct Paris Agreement gathers dust in the trash bin.



The Democratic Party has concealed and suppressed from the American people the success of U.S. energy policy in significantly reducing its CO2 emissions through cost effective and efficient substitution of natural gas for coal and further tried to deny the overwhelming dominance of the world’s developing nations in controlling global energy use and resulting emissions.

via Watts Up With That?

December 4, 2019 at 12:45AM

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