The Thunberg Fallacies

People will be more than sorry if they allow these fanatics to have their own way.

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By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

Ever since she splashed into view I have wondered about Greta Thunberg’s reasoning. Her quoted statements, blasting the world for not doing the impossible, have given no clue where she is coming from.

Now, thanks to some detailed published statements of hers, from the World Economic Forum in Davos, I have my answer. It turns out she is hotly embracing not one, but two, howling fallacies. No wonder she sounds nuts.

To begin with, she cites the IPCC report on climate change from 2018, which claims we have only a few years left to act if theres a 67% chance of keeping the global temperature rise from now to below 0.5 degrees C. (She, like everyone else, talks about a rise of 1.5 degrees, but the IPCC says that 1.0 degrees has already happened, which she knows.) If she said a half a…

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January 26, 2020 at 01:28PM

3 thoughts on “The Thunberg Fallacies”

  1. Questioning aspects of the IPCC reports is reasonable. But criticising someone for using it as a reference is a bit petty.

    What substantial references does Dr Wodjik give? He seems to be another old white male who is speaking outside his area of expertise: Wojick is a journalist and policy analyst. He holds a doctorate in epistemology, specializing in the field of Mathematical Logic and Conceptual Analysis. [1]
    Wojick was a “scientific advisor” for a now-defunct Greening Earth Society (GES), a group created by the Western Fuels Association, a large US coal industry association. He is currently an expert at the Heartland Institute, where he regularly contributes articles critical of mainstream climate change science. [2], [7]
    While he is an expert in the theory of knowledge and how conclusions are formed, that does not make him knowledgeable on the science behind climate changes


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