Notes 2020 March

Pandemic Preparedness, by the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, January 4, 2020

Of all the potential mass casualty events that could affect the United States, the most devastating cause is biologic. 

The Doctors for Disaster Preparedness was persecuted for its opposition to the climate cult, especially for the Oregon Petition.


  • When Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey endorsed an article calling for a civil war,  it could be interpreted in different ways. But at least some of Twitter’s employees understood it as instructions to wage a war on the United States, using the power of Twitter as a telecommunications network, and have been doing that.
  • Obama-era net neutrality regulations (Obamanet) forced consumers to pay Google (including YouTube), Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix expenses! This is more than $100B annually!
  • The Center for the Study of the Carbon Dioxide and Global Change (CO2 Science) published a petition asking EPA to overturn the moronic Obama-era Endangerment Finding for “greenhouse gases”
  • Remember how ‘Skeptical Science’ cartoonist founder depicted himself in SS uniform (Skeptical Science => SS), and placed these pictures in a public folder?

via Science Defies Politics

March 12, 2020 at 07:13AM

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