Prince Harry Gets Greta’d (TWICE)!!

By Paul Homewood


Most of you have probably already heard about Prince Harry being duped.




PRINCE Harry spoke openly of his agony over Megxit in a call from hoaxers posing as activist Greta Thunberg.

He also claimed that President Donald Trump had “blood on his hands” in the chat with Russian pranksters.

The Duke of Sussex was duped into saying he was “completely separate” from most of the Royal Family in calls recorded by the pranksters.

And he joked: “I can assure you, marrying a Prince or Princess is not all it’s made up to be.”

Two notorious Russian jokers fooled him into believing he was talking to 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg and her dad.

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov — AKA Vovan and Lexus — twice spoke to Harry, 35, on the landline at his luxury bolthole on Vancouver Island, Canada.

The conversations were on New Year’s Eve and January 22.

One of the calls was recorded and published on YouTube and Facebook on Monday night by the hoaxers with an animated cartoon of Harry and Greta.

In both calls Harry opened up to the fake Greta about the tension at the heart of the Royal Family.

In one, he says: “You can call me whatever you want — Harry is fine.” He then speaks about how hard it was for him and Meghan, 38, to quit Britain.

He says: “Um, it’s, that’s probably a conversation for another time, there’s lots of layers to it and lots of pieces to the puzzle.

“But sometimes the right decision isn’t always the easy one.“And this decision certainly wasn’t the easy one but it was the right decision for our family, the right decision to be able to protect my son.

“And I think there’s a hell of a lot of people around the world that can identify and respect us for putting our family first.

“But, yeah, it’s a tricky one, but we will start a new life.”

Asked by the prankster playing Greta’s dad Svante if normal life was worse than royal life, Harry replies: “Oh no, I think it’s much better (chuckles).


I only want to highlight two things Harry said, which show how totally out of touch he really is:

1) Trying to defend his use of private jets, he says:

Unfortunately there is very few alternatives. We have to fly on commercial planes all over the world. Nowhere near as much as most people who do it for a night or weekends.”

Does he really think that most people go jetting off every weekend? I have no doubt his chums do, but he really has lost touch with the real world if he believes that.

2) He then attacks Trump:

I think the mere fact that Donald Trump is pushing the coal industry is so big in America, he has blood on his hands.

“Because the effect that has on the climate and the island nations far, far away, again out of sight out of mind.

"But we’ve visited those places and I’m sure you have as well. People’s lives have been completely destroyed.

“People are dying every single month by some form of natural disaster created from this huge change in our climate.”

Perhaps he ought to get his dictionary out, and check the definition for “natural”!

More seriously though, has not his expensive education at Eton taught him any history at all? If not, I suggest he finds out how the death toll from weather disasters has plummeted over the years, thanks to the economic revolution he now derides.

A fuller account in the Sun is here.


March 12, 2020 at 02:21PM

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