Good: Rumors whole US set to go into two week quarantine lockdown. Bad: UK recycles old flu policy to come up with Very Stupid Plan

 Scuttlebutt that crossed my desk today says “”US to have nationwide quarantine for 14 days’”. h/t Scott. I hope this is correct. My reply:”Brilliant”. Finally, a hint of an attitude determined to beat this. It’s so refreshing after all the defeatist fatalism telling us this is a disease we have to have. I predict if the US does this, other countries will follow. This is the fastest way to get borders open, and people back to work, and reduce the death toll.  Flights will be able to reopen among countries that have done this and done this well. Forgive me if I repeat: A virus is just an inanimate chemical code. It can’t reproduce and it can’t repair itself. To beat it, all we have to do is out-wait it. Without machinery to copy the code it will degrade into foodsafe ingredients. Air, oxygen, time and light will crack the code. The longer we feed it, the stronger it gets. A perfect quarantine needs two weeks. An imperfect one will need longer. But giving up social contact, income, parties and holidays isn’t the end of the world.  Obviously, some people will bear a larger cost than others. (Hope temporary measures […]

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via JoNova

March 16, 2020 at 06:25AM

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