Delay = death. Countries that act fast reduce the fatality rate by 10x

Dithering politicians push the fatality from 0.5% toward 5%

A gritty analysis by Tomas Pueyo shows how leaders indecision is killing people every day. Some of the victims of tomorrows Virus Get-togethers won’t die for a few weeks, but the next batch starts tomorrow (and every day until the nation self-isolates, stops the pox-parties, the cough-shopping, and pneumonia-planes. ). And each day there are more than the day before. Sounds macabre, but at this point in an exponential epidemic, it’s just how it is. Since we didn’t stop the Airbussed virus, we’re going to have to shut everything down anyhow, the later we do it, the larger the cost.

Meanwhile in Australia, the average punter seems to realize this and the mood is hitting feverish notes — The government is calling for calm, but doctors are calling for borders to close, and schools to close, they’re standing outside schools with signs telling parents not to send their children to school. Doctors are warning that we are the next “Italy” if we don’t get our act together. But the government says it’s too early to close schools (apparently we have to kill some more people first). The keep-schools-open excuses are […]

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via JoNova

March 17, 2020 at 11:39AM

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