We used to have to walk in horse $#!t to walk across the street

It is oil that has cleaned our society.

We used to have to walk in horse $#!t to walk across the street

Joseph Kraig

The saddest thing to note is the stupidity of our leaders. It is oil that has cleaned our society. We used to have to walk in horse $#!t to walk across the street. Imagine if we depended on horses to run our society. Our water comes to our homes clean and pure because of the electricity that oil, coal and gas provide. We have the freedom to go where we want when we want from next door to across the country because of oil. The earth is greener than it has ever been in the history of mankind because of a little extra carbon dioxide in the air. The Sahara desert is beginning to turn green.

Plants need Carbon Dioxide, water and sunlight to grow. If you increase the C02 you can decrease the water. Hot houses, green houses that is, pump in extra C02 to make the plants grow faster and healthier, most green house operators shoot for about 1000ppm C02. Our natural air is only about 400ppm; we aren’t burning enough oil.

I like economy. I put 12KW in PV panels on the roof. It isn’t enough. Sure when the sun shines it is wonderful but I end up often having to buy more than I can produce in Kentucky just to keep the batteries charged and ready for a blackout.

Solar and wind are both stupidly inefficient when you consider the fuel that went into their manufacture. In sunny climates perhaps solar makes a little sense at a residential installation. In Florida with 10KW it will take over 10 years to have the savings pay for the system. In Kentucky it will be more like 15 years. I filled up my gas tank today for $1.85 per gallon, in real dollars it was the cheapest I have ever bought gas and I remember $.19 gas. I remember when you could buy a gallon of gas for two dimes. Today two dimes(real silver dimes) are worth about $3.00. You could buy nearly twice as much gas for the same money.

Because the government provides monetary incentives for solar and wind power there are people wanting to get their hands on the subsidies and that is why there is a push for wind and solar.

We have the cleanest air and water we have had in centuries. Don’t believe the lies of the anti-Carbon crony capitalists or the politicians who’s pockets they are in.

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March 17, 2020 at 05:32PM

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