CoV Discussion Thread III

By Judith Curry

My latest selection of interesting articles.

We need a COVID-19 vaccine–let’s get it right the first time [link]

Fauci once dismissed concerns of ‘silent carriers’ [link]

Don’t believe the COVID models – that’s not what they’ for [link]

Mathematical models to characterize early epidemic growth: A review. [link]

On the predictability of infectious disease outbreaks [link]

Rud Istvan’s technical posts on COVID [link]

New study investigates California’s possible herd immunity to  COVID [link]

Hydroxychloroquine usage for coronavirus rises globally, plasma rated most effective: study –

Top science panel:  COVID is unlikely to subside with warmer weather [link]

Dramatic reduction in COVID disaster projections [link]

Using ILI surveillance to estimate state-specific case detection rates and forecast SARS-CoV-2 spread in the United States [link]

America’s most influential COV model just revised its estimates downward – but not all models agree [link]

How can COVID models get it so wrong? [link]

A few weeks ago doctors were saying ACE inhibitor drugs need to be withheld. Today they look beneficial.

Compilation of evidence on hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in treatment of #COVID19, as well as info on safety/side effects. [link]

Fauci:  There’s no evidence that the anti-malaria drug Trump pushes works against virus [link]

Why its so freaking hard to make a good COVID model [link]

How Ontario turned the tide on a huge backlog of COVID tests [link]

The trail leading back to the Wuhan labs [link]

Nature: the simulations driving the world’s response to COVID [link]

Economics and policy

Boris Johnson listened to his scientists about COVID – but they were slow to sound the alarm [link]

*Now* is the time to be thinking about what we can do to keep this from ever ever happening again.

New Zealand crushed the Covid curve with only one death. [link]

Impact of CoV on the IPCC AR6 [link]

NAP Report: Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Disease [link]

Peter Gluckman: Build a science advice system fit for global crises [link]

There’s no plan for the end of the COVID crisis [link]

As Germany’s coronavirus outbreak appears to peak at fewer than 1,500 deaths – why HAS it performed so much better than most of Europe?

The economic slowdown and the pandemic are not two different problems. They are two aspects of a single threat to our population’s well-being, [link]

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to prevent and contain infectious diseases [link]

To beat the COV, raise an army of the recovered [link]

America was unprepared for a major crisis. Again. [link]

The US was beset by denial and dysfunction as the COV raged [link]

Inside the US COV testing failure [link]

Robert Stavins: What Can Economics Really Have to Say About COVID-19 Policies? [link]

For a robust recovery, invest in innovation [link]

Papers on the effectiveness of masks [link]


Pope Says Virus Is Nature’s Response to the Climate Crisis

COV:  How can philosophy help us in this time of crisis? [link]

In a rare address to the nation, Queen Elizabeth II urged the U.K. to respond to the coronavirus with the “self-discipline” and “resolve” that have defined the British people in moments of crisis. [link]

David Rose: Revealed: Extinction Rebellion’s plan to exploit the Covid crisis. The group sees ‘silver linings’ in the pandemic

via Climate Etc.

April 9, 2020 at 02:53PM

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