Epidemiology Professor: Do Nothing, Coronaviruses End In 4 Weeks…Containment PROLONGS Death

Dr. Knut Wittkowski, the former head of the epidemiology department at Rockerfeller University, says doing nothing would have been more effective – and ultimately cost fewer lives – than the “containment” strategy now in operation across the world.

By restricting movement and confining people in their homes we are unnecessarily prolonging or widening the curve instead of just flattening it.

The only way to eliminate any respiratory virus is not by developing vaccines or with pharmaceutical intervention, but by natural herd immunity. This means we should be allowing children to attend school.

When 80% of the population becomes infected – and the vast majority of the population won’t even know it because they won’t have symptoms – a common coronavirus like this one can be exterminated within about 4 weeks.

By trying to contain the virus, we are practically ensuring there will be a “second wave” of infections in the Northern Hemisphere fall, as not enough people will have been infected in recent months to exterminate this particular coronavirus strain.

Dr. Wittkowski asserts he is able to talk candidly about what should have been done in response to this COVID-19 outbreak because he is not paid by the government and therefore he is able to “actually do science”.

Transcribed commentary (and image) from a YouTube interview

via NoTricksZone


April 9, 2020 at 10:01AM

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