Anither Piece Of The Twitter Cheating Puzzle

Anither Piece Of The Twitter Cheating Puzzle

As always, I have been getting hundreds of new Twitter followers over the past few weeks, but my follower count has hardly changed. Twitter is constantly purging 10-20 followers.

I have suspected Twitter cheating, so I started tracking my unfollowers to see if they were legitimate. Over the last 16 hours I have had 72 new followers and 81 unfollowers.

I have discovered several mechanisms which Twitter is using to cheat. One is that they simply unfollow my followers. I get lots of messages like this.

But the most common method is for Twitter to declare an account to be “unusual” and remove all of their followers – like Texas Grandma. Most of my “unfollowers” come in this category.

Apparently Twitter considers people who support the President to be “unusual.” And this is on top of their usual dirty tricks.

The left can never win an honest debate, so they invariably resort to censorship.

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via Real Climate Science

June 3, 2020 at 03:53AM

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