Michael E. Mann – wrong again

You have to wonder, is it ego combined with narcissism that prompts things like this?

Dr. Mann, (or as Mark Steyn calls him – Dr. Fraudpants) inventor of the splice-o-matic pre-seived climate hockey stick thinks that fire danger is driven by climate change (newsflash – it’s summer) and that professionals won’t be able to handle a fireworks display on the fourth of July.

I don’t know how Mann managed to cram so much wrongness into a single tweet, but then again, he’s had years to perfect it. Now imagine the kind of hateful bias you see on display in that tweet applied to his work. Does anyone really think he can be an unbiased scientist with that sort of vitriol coming out of his mind?

Bottom line: Nothing happened. No fires, no disaster.

President Trump delivered a rousing speech, complete with patriotic visuals, something America needs right now.

Once again, his predictions of “climate-change fueled fire danger” were a big nothing-burger. Clearly, Mann’s ego is bigger than his intellect. He’s been ordered to pay up, I predict he’ll bail on that.

Like this:

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via Watts Up With That?


July 5, 2020 at 12:06PM

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