A foot of snow in Norway and record cold

Temperatures down to a record low for July of -7.cC (19F). (I think that means for the entire month of July.)


Norway’s July summer holidays got off to an extremely chilly start over the weekend, with strong winds, heavy rain, hail and even snow, catching many tourists by surprise.

Slippery roads and as much as 30 cm (12 inches) of snow in the mountains prompted warnings from state highway officials that motorists shouldn’t drive over mountain passes without snow tires. One mountain lodge, Sognefjellshytta, reported a new record low temperature for July of minus-7.2C late Saturday night, and so did several other weather stations in the mountains of Southern Norway.

The weather turned bad all over Norway, with temperatures expected to stay low all week from north to south.

Thanks to Laurel for this link

“Looks like bikinis and thermals are the go to packing items ;-)”, says Laurel

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July 7, 2020 at 04:20PM

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