BBC To Combat Fake News!! Start With Harrabin Then!!

By Paul Homewood



Is it April 1st already?


The past few months have proved just how priceless are the values of traditional journalism in the ‘fake news’ age. Two forces in particular have brought this home in no uncertain terms.

First, the massive “infodemic” of online misinformation that has grown up alongside the coronavirus crisis. The problem is so severe that, even if a safe and effective vaccine is found, global health leaders warn that the drowning out of reliable, authoritative guidance could dramatically hinder take up.

Second, the growing use of disinformation as a tool for democratic disruption. This week’s report into Russia’s activity in the UK has laid the stakes bare. For the state-backed actors of Russia and China, the provision of news is first and foremost an extension of state influence….


The comments section is hilarious, with most pointing out that the BBC is the biggest purveyor of fake news of all.

There was time when the Telegraph, as I recall, ran a weekly column on BBC bias. Now they give Tony Hall the chance to promote the BBC.

Both Tony Hall’s brazen defence and the Telegraph’s decision to promote it exemplify why public confidence in the media is now at rock bottom levels.

Only yesterday Guido ran with this latest poll:


What was most significant was the astonishing rise lack of trust from Tory voters, combined with the sharp fall from Lib Dems. This surely reflects the leftward shift of much of the press in recent times, notably the Telegraph, Times and Mail.

As we are all too often aware, this has been particularly noticeable on climate issues. With one or two exceptions, nowadays the press is happy to slavishly publish whatever junk it has been fed, preferring scary headlines to proper journalism.

Compounding that has been the failure to explain to the public the real cost and implications of Net Zero targets and the rest, instead preferring AEP’s fantasy economics and the like.

Partly, this is down to the babies who write so much of the coverage these days. But above all it is the editorial management which must take the blame for losing touch with the common sense views of most of the public, who seem to have a much better understanding of what is going on.


July 23, 2020 at 08:30AM

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