No Contest: Never-Reliable Wind & Solar Can Never Match Ever-Reliable Nuclear

Wind power might be ‘free’, but try purchasing it, at any price, when the wind stops blowing; likewise with solar power when the sun drops over the horizon.

Comparing weather dependent wind generation with sources available, around-the-clock, irrespective of the weather, is a game played by intellectual pygmies. There is, of course, no comparison.

Good luck trying to find a wind or solar power outfit that can match nuclear power plant in terms of safety and reliability.

New Ontario Power Record: 895 days of Reliable, Uninterrupted 24×7 Zero Carbon Nuclear Power
Watts Up With That?
Eric Worall
15 July 2020

As renewable operators make endless excuses for their failures, nuclear plant operators continue to set new records for producing utterly reliable, zero carbon energy.

Candu unit sets North American operating record

10 July 2020

Darlington unit 1 has set a new Canadian and North American nuclear record with 895 consecutive days of unbroken operation. Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) Candu reactor has now been online since 26 January 2018 without needing to be taken out of service for maintenance or repair.

“Unit 1’s remarkable run is a reflection of the strong dedication and commitment of our employees to drive efficient and robust performance from our generating units for the benefit of all Ontarians,” OPG Chief Nuclear Officer Sean Granville said. “This success story is a testament to the reliability of the Darlington station, which produces clean electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

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No terrestrial solar or wind network will ever approach this level of stability and predictability. Technological advances will not help. No wind technology improvement can fix an unexpected prolonged drop in wind, just as no solar technology improvement can fix unusually overcast weather.
Watts Up With That?

Oh, and then there’s the safety issue …

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August 1, 2020 at 02:31AM

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