Fossil fuels becoming ‘socially challenged’, says BP boss

Marsh Mills 22 August 2011

The greenblob marches on, regardless of the real climate. Message to BP boss: water vapour is by far the major so-called greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide is a minor sidekick. Ergo you are merely playing games.
– – –
The chief executive of BP says he understands why people view the industry as “bad” and that fossil fuels are becoming the subject of social challenge, reports Aol.

Bernard Looney, who took on the role at the oil and gas giant in February, said the industry had “a challenge… with trust” but BP was determined to be a net zero carbon company by 2050.

This week, BP said it would cut the amount of oil and gas it produces by 40% by the end of the decade and Mr Looney said the business will increase the amount it invests in low-carbon projects tenfold by 2030 to around five billion US dollars (£3.8 billion) a year.

The move gained him unusual praise from environmental group Greenpeace, which called it a “necessary and encouraging start”.

There’s a view that this is a bad industry, and I understand that’

Bernard Looney, BP

Full report here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop

August 9, 2020 at 12:45PM

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