Forest of Dean Council To Save The World!!

By Paul Homewood

h/t Cyan




Reader Cyan has sent details of his local council’s Climate Action Plan:



Note the last sentence demanding taxpayers’ money to fund their daft plans. Surely if it is a real emergency, the Forest of Dean’s own citizens would be delighted to cough up! And heaven forbid the money should come out of council pension funds.

And why all the rush? Apparently because if the council carries on with Business as Usual, we won’t meet the 1.5C target!


The Council’s own emissions are miniscule, running at about 1000 tonnes a year, just 0.2% of the District’s emissions.



But that won’t stop our bold bureaucrats from trying to save the planet!

They have already set up a Climate Emergency Cabinet Portfolio Support Group, and have agreed to provide officer support of 0.8 Full Time Employee to support the delivery of Rapid Action Plan during 2020-21.


Maybe we should organise a survey of other councils’ plans, particularly identifying costs. If readers are willing to FOI their local councils, I will collate replies.


August 11, 2020 at 08:51AM

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